Schillingshof restaurant

Have yourself inspired!

We have a passion for good food

We are excited to share our passion for fine dining and cuisine with you. You will find a carefully crafted menu reflecting top quality ingredients combining exceptional seasonal and local ingredients.

In the Schillingshof, cuisine and service work closely together to make your fine dining experience unique. We understand the importance of trustful and highly motivated collaboration to offer the best hospitality to our guests.

Tickle Your palate

Quality food and fine dining are always memorable experiences. You will find a menu that combines international delicacies with the best local ingredients reflecting the seasonal variety. We are excited to delight you with our monthly changing menu.

Enjoy a five course menu or just get inspired by delicious appetizers- we invite you to share our commitment to fresh ingredients and our passion for best quality products that are reflected in our menu to make your experience of fine food in the Schillingshof special.

Opposites Attract

The country-style architecture and ambiance offers a comfortable contrary to the modern cuisine of the Schillingshof. The rustic timber-framed architecture and the familial and cordial ambiance offer a truly unique fine dining experience.


Our courses menu

Schillings delicacies

Pickled salmon and kingfish
on artichoke pesto
Risotto of blood orange
with fried scallop
Norwegian skrei
on root vegetables
Truffled lasagne of celery
with Onsen-egg
Small refreshment
Fillet of wagyubeef with Bolognese crust
and green beans
Pineapple-canelloni with white Yuzu chocolate
kumquats and mascarpone cream
Selected raw-milk cheese

€ 125,00

For the smaller appetite:

Pickled salmon and kingfish
Risotto of blood orange
Norwegian skrei
Fillet of wagyubeef with Bolognese crust
Pineapple-canelloni or cheese

€ 95,00

And if even smaller, then:

Pickled salmon and kingfish
Norwegian skrei
Fillet of wagyubeef with Bolognese crust
Pineapple-canelloni or cheese

€ 75,00

Sundays we additionally offer our
for 42.– € per person,
only served when ordered by the complete table.

Our menu


  • Baked shrimp pouch on sour cream-cucumber-salad € 22,50
  • Zucchini-coriander salad with fried tandori of oyster mushroom € 21,00
  • Green Wasabi soup with vegetable tempura and prawn crackers € 12,00

Main dishes:

  • Fried pikeperch on spinach in red wine sauce € 36,50
  • Vegetarian mushroom lasagne with silk tofu and spring-vegetables € 28,00
  • Braised beef roulade with pointed cabbage and potato purée € 25,00


  • “Sylter memories” – apple compote with vanilla quark, meringue and eggnog from “Lichtenhagen” € 12,00
  • Stuffed milk chocolate ball on mango tartare with hot coconut milk€ 14,00
  • Selected raw-milk cheese with grapes and fig mustard € 15,00

Our “Tavernmenu”:

  • Wintry leaf salad with rosted sunflowerseeds € 10,00
  • Prime boiled veal in its own broth with small vegetables and potatoes € 26,00
  • Passion fruit sorbet on Greek cream yoghurt € 10,00

Price for menu! € 40,00


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